Cylinder Testing  
LPG domestic cylinders up to 45kg capacity $30.00
SCUBA Hydrostatic test (includes the fill) $38.00
SCUBA Visual Inspection (includes the fill) $25.00
SCBA Steel Cylinders $29.00
SCBA Composite cylinders POA
Fire Extinguisher cylinders $30.00
Industrial CO2, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Air etc POA
If your cylinder fails the test there will be no charge for the test.  
Cylinder Filling  
Swappa - LPG 9kg cylinder (all valve types) $32.00
Customer owned - LPG 9kg cylinder $32.00
Customer owned - LPG 4.5kg cylinder $16.50
Customer owned - Primus 0.34kg $7.50
SCUBA $7.00
Prepaid Scuba Fill Card - 12 fills for the price of 10 $70.00
SCBA (Breathing Apparatus) $7.00
CO2 (Food Grade) $9.75 per kg
Dry Powder ABE $8.80 per kg
Foam Recharging $6.50 per litre
Water $15.00 per fill
Wet Chemical POA
Please Note: LPG not filled on site. All fills overnight.  
Appliance Servicing  
LPG portable gas heaters, fully serviced, complete with 6 months warranty
on our service work
Patio Heaters, BBQ's and Braziers POA
Camp cookers, gas lights and heating torches POA
Gas Fire and Cylinder Services' Technicians are trained, qualified and well experienced in working with gas equipment and appliances. The repair may be as simple as a clean, a new hose or a complete component requiring replacement. All appliances are fully serviced by us receive a conditional warrranty giving you peace of mind. You can be sure that you have received the best workmanship from our experienced technicians. 
Fire Equipment Servicing  
Annual Service Fire Extinguisher $6.00
Annual Service Maintenance Tag $2.00
Head cleaning for dry powder extinguishers $5.80
Pins $5.80
Gauges $28.80
Horns/Nozzles plastic $40.00
Cylinder purging for transportation or storage $20.00
Cylinder disposal (our way helping the environment) No Charge
Gas Appliance disposal (our way of helping the environment) No Charge