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Recycled and Tested LPG Cylinders
› Second Hand cylinders.
› Choose any valve outlet to suit your situation.
› Tested for a 10 year period
› Great as a spare cylinder.
› Good for the Environment.
› Great for our country.
› Pre purged and ready for filling
› Clip on (or Kosan) cylinders - These are still legal see more...

Carbon Dioxide cylinders 5KG gas capacity› Approved for filling and use in New Zealand
› Food grade Co2 used.
› They are sold full.
› Suitable for MIG welding.
› Suitable for beverage dispensing.*5year test period.
› Refilled for approx. $42.50incl Gst.

Gas Heaters- Fully serviced
› We sell a range of serviced gas heaters.
› Heaters should have a basic check annually.
› Heaters should be fully serviced every 2-3 years depending on usage.
› All gas heaters carry a 6 month warranty.
› Full range of spares available.

Fire Extinguishers
We carry a range of new and serviced units.
› Ideal for household, Garage, Car, Boat, or caravan use.
› Extinguishers available for Domestic and Industrial uses.
› Tested for the required period.
› Retested units save the Environment
› Range of spares available.

Valves and fittings
We stock a range of valves for various applications including:
CO2, LPG, Argon, SCBA, and SCUBA.

We carry a range of fittings suitable for:
camping, lighting, cooking and heating appliances.

Heating Torches
LPG heating torches.
A range of tips heads and handles

Regulator-Cylinder adaptor
› Allows an argon regulator to connect to CO2 cylinder.
› No replacement regulator required to use CO2 on your MIG welder.