Portable gas heaters


Portable LPG gas heaters or cabinet heaters as they are often referred to, require servicing and cleaning from time to 
time. Servicing and maintenance ensures that the appliance is safe to use and is operating to the manufacturers intended efficiency. The manufacturer's usual specified time requirement for servicing is annually. This would be when the appliance is being used for the whole year. As we use our heaters for approx. 4-5 months of the year we can extend the full service time to between two and three years.
Please note that this is a full service and you should have the heater given a safety inspection by a competent technician before each winter period.

A safety inspection would include, but not be limited to checking such things as rubber hoses, safety system function, general appearance of the flame and leak testing using a gas meter. The technician can then advise if any further work is required.

1. When starting a gas heater is to stand to the side of the heater while operating the start buttons. This reduces the likely hood of loose clothing being caught by any flames as the heater ignites.

2. Provide the heater with clean air, by providing ventilation to the room the heater is being used in. You not only create a healthier environment for your own comfort but the heater will burn more efficiently, giving you more heat for your money!

3. Please remember to turn off the gas supply at the cylinder when you turn of your heater.

4. When you connect any gas supply you should always check for leaks with a gas detector or use soapy water and look for the tell tale bubbles if a leak appears.

5. Never use an LPG heater in any small bedroom, bathroom or small space less than 18 square metres in size.