Domestic LPG Cylinders


Your gas cylinder will provide you with many years of reliable performance, but you do need to look after it!

Keep it out of the weather when being stored and being gentle with the tap or valve when connecting appliances and turning it off or on. Never force a valve! If the valve appears stuck, bring it into us and we will take a look at it for you.

Clip on (or Kosan) cylinders are still in operation and should still be working alongside QCC cylinders for some time to come. Some service stations are giving out false information to people who own the clip on (or kosan) cylinders. They are saying that they are illegal, well that is not true, they are causing people to get a new QCC cylinder and of course they then have to purchase a new regulator to match.

Want to know how much gas is left in your cylinder? Then weighting it is the only way to accurately find its residual content.

However if you warm the cylinder with a hot cloth at the level you think the gas is at, you will find that the metal will cool quickly at the level of the gas and stay warm above the gas level.